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Sacred Geometry heArt Expression

HeArt expression is a family friendly course that goes far beyond improving ones artistic abilities. It is all about becoming more confident and comfortable expressing ones self. Combining aspects of Sacred Geometry, Art therapy, Reiki, Metaphysics, Meditation, photon therapy, channeling and Alchemy.

HeArt expression is a social and open place where people can explore their creative side while learning in a fun and playful manner. As well as diving into our expressive side we will open our minds to the highly intellectual yet intuitive world of Occult Science. Occult simply meaning “hidden” and references the Hidden/miraculous nature of all consciousness. In this introduction to occult science we will begin to understand the hidden language of esoteric Symbology. Looking at Sacred scripture and ancient mythology through the multi detentions eyes of factual information. This Polymath approach to learning combines facets of Etymology, Geometry, Numerology, Astrology, Theosophy and biology, This holistic view Accepts, Respects and Connects all religious tradition. Using esoteric architecture to understand our body, mind and spirit. Remembering how to Embodying happiness and radiate love through the world. Each attendant will transmute them self through and artistic expression of Energetic Alchemy. Each attendant will come away with a beautiful self made painting and deep appreciation for all life. Anything and everything created at heArt expression is a reflection of your self and by analysing this you can learn a lot about your inner workings.

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