Polymath Education

Polymath Education brings together a number of state of the art learning methods designed to create lessons

that are fun and educational.

it has been scientifically proven to improve student’s memory through the stimulation and re routing of the brains neurological pathways. What’s most effective about Polymath education is its diverse application. Offering teachers and methodical practitioners the capability to find and target a students passions and skills, centering the lesson around each student strengths and interests.

Polymath education incorporates a wide range of objective and subjective material. Building connections between ancient tradition, language, etymology, geography, communication, mathematics, music, art, film, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, permaculture, biology, agriculture, physiology, psychology, science, philosophy and more. What’s most effective about Polymath education is its diverse application. Offering teachers the capability to find and target any field of education working around the personal need of any individuals group or school. Polymath education acknowledges and celebrates the fact that we all think and learn differently. Bringing a holistic approach to education, intricately designed to stimulate both our left and right brain hemispheres. By relating and integrating a students less favored subjects in with their passions, we have seen unbelievable results and improvements both on a academic and energetic level. To top it all of polymath education uses cultural diversity as a tool for studying modern subjects and their ancient influences over the course of our history/herstory.

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Live on Love aspire to bring this model of polymath education into as many schools as possible.  Earn a commission fee while helping us to teach polymath education in your community/school today. Contact us to make inquires or Book one of our specially trained educational facilitators today. We offer packages for all age groups, we provide one on one tutoring services as well as classes and private group sessions.

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