Love On Love offer a variety of  ethical services aimed at bringing empowering and education solution's to some of the worlds greatest problems. Working in mutual collaboration with a number of innovative organizations and businesses Live On Love takes pride in supporting ethical commerce while funding a series of charitable projects. Check out our Projects for more information.

Polymath healing

and massage

Combining techniques from a number of traditional healing modalities including elements of

  • Remedial massage

  • Relaxation therapy

  • Reiki (Energetic healing)

  • Alchemy (Bio chemical transfiguration)

  • Sound healing/ Sacred geometry (Harmonics)

  • Herb, Oil and Salt therapy

  • Traumatic release therapy

NEW CUSTOMERS will receive a 15% discount

    Tel. +61 481480947

  • Based on an understanding that everything in connected and therefore all components of ones life will contribute to ones over all experience of health.

  • Based on a philosophy that dis-ease, in principle is simply a lack of fluid communication between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.Aiming to increase the conductivity of the bodies cells, organs pathways and channels. NOW TRAINING - New practitioners


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