Love On Love Productions in collaboration with with a number of independent film makers are in the process of creating a series of conscious films and documentaries aimed to inspire and empower positive change. All Live on Love films and documentary will be made freely available to watch online and Your donations are highly appreciated to helping them to come into fruition. Show your Love and support by SUBSCRIBING Now. Donations will go towards gear and film related costs that will assist us in charitable non for profit projects Creating FREE EDUCATION such as MESSAGES THROUGH MUSIC, FUN WITH FILM and CONSCIOUS COMEDY.

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P1 Alwyn Doolan

TheMessage stick walk

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A Short Film about the message stick

walk, Alwyn Doolan and first nation

sovereignty. Alwyn has walked all

across Australia, traveling the song

lines, connecting with the tribes and

working toward a goal of unity and

healing.  Join Alwyn on the this 3 part

documentary and walk about.

Watch Alwyn Doolan as he arrived in

Canberra on the 20th of May 21019

and serves his notice to recognise the

first-nation sovereign and begin

healing the deep scars of colonisation.

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following Alwyn and other change

makers, sharing knowledge with you. 


Seeds of change is  a documentary

aiming to rectify the genocidal

colonization of first nation people.

revising commercial and

property law in order to serve the

needs of this sacred earth

and all of its inhabitants.

Seeds of change will Freely offer

the blueprints for new age

technology,  Eco architecture and

lawful structures Designed to

benefit the people as opposed to

their past and present oppressors.


Seeds of Change

Donate NOW and Help bring SEEDS OF CHANGE into creation. Be part of the REVOLUTION

To be whole is a documentary

all about health, A topic that

effects all living organisms. In this

documentary we will explore the

occult meaning of life attempting

to understand health from an

individual and holistic perspective.

To be whole looks at how our

environment as whole effects and 

defines us an an individual.

analyzing communication, language,

symbolism, man made law,

ancient lore, science, physics,

spirituality, culture and more.


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into creation. Be part of the REVOLUTION
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