Messages through music is one of Love On Love's services and charitable projects offering opportunities for the younger generation to get involved in music production and performances. Messages through music is a mentor ship program that allows both underprivileged youth and music enthusiasts the opportunity to collaborate with professional musician. Cultivating confidence, knowledge and teamwork for the attribution of polymath based education.

To find out how you or your children can get involved in our production and performance mentor ship programs please fill out the following details or contact  the Messages through music coordinator on   Tel. +61 481480947

Within the body of your message please state the musical genres of interest so we can match you with the appropriate teacher. Please also note that each year a limited number of free services are available those who cannot afford payment this is however only made possible through donations and paying customers.

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Two thirds of Profits made through Music sales and royalties will go directly to collaborates big and small. the remaining 33.3% will go towards buying gear and funding opportunities for underprivileged youth who cannot afford to pay for our services. Show your Love and support by purchasing independently produced music.

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