Love On Love offer a variety of  ethical services aimed at bringing empowering and education solution's to some of the worlds greatest problems. Working in mutual collaboration with a number of innovative organizations and businesses Live On Love takes pride in supporting ethical commerce while funding a series of charitable projects. Check out our Projects for more information.

Polymath Education

Polymath Education brings together a number of state of the art learning methods designed to create lessons

that are fun and educational.

it has been scientifically proven to improve student’s memory through the stimulation and re routing of the brains neurological pathways. What’s most effective about Polymath education is its diverse application. Offering teachers and methodical practitioners the capability to find and target a students passions and skills, centering the lesson around each student strengths and interests.

   Tel. +61 423538823

Messages through Music

Messages through music is a mentor ship program that allows both underprivileged youth and music enthusiasts the opportunity to collaborate with professional musician. Cultivating confidence, knowledge and skills in areas such as teamwork, mathematics, physics and communication. As well as obtaining skills in audio production and song writing, students will not only learn about creative royalties and there application, but receive an equal share of song royalty's generated through their project.

Fun with Film

Fun with film is a project that teaches film related skills in a practical and easy manner. Our Courses will turn your child's creative ideas into high quality film productions that can be shared online and preserved as memories. Fun with film covers a broad range of skills from script writing,acting and story boarding to camera operation, editing, audio, prop building and set building. Help your Child to gain valuable skills and explore there creative process for a reasonable price today.

Polymath healing

and massage

Combining techniques from a number of traditional healing modalities including elements of

  • Remedial massage

  • Relaxation therapy

  • Reiki (Energetic healing)

  • Alchemy (Bio chemical transfiguration)

  • Sound healing/ Sacred geometry (Harmonics)

  • Herb, Oil and Salt therapy

  • Traumatic release therapy

NEW CUSTOMERS will receive a 15% discount

HeArt expression is a family friendly course that goes far beyond improving ones artistic abilities. It is all about becoming more confident and comfortable expressing ones self. Combining aspects of Sacred Geometry, Art therapy, Reiki, Metaphysics, Meditation and Colour therapy. Get creative while improving your knowledge in areas such mathematics, science and health.

Treat yourself today, bring a friend for a discount 

HeART expression

   Tel. +61 423538823

   Tel. +61 423538823


Do you like Permaculture, sustainability, fun and beauty.

Live On Love Eco-Landscaping is a service that combines permaculture, art, music, celebration, food and garden based labor. Our Designs aim to bring life back to the land, creating bio diverse food forests, Nutrient rich soil and Aesthetic environments full of medicine, timber, and perpetuating food and mulch generation models. We Believe in Creating healthy ecosystems that will nurture all levels of life. Returning dominated and Man-scaped mono cultured land to its natural productive polyculture glory. We will work with your land and its unique ecosystem creating custom designs that suit your specific needs.

Enjoy some examples of our concept of bringing Celebrations, catering, permaculture landscaping and music to your property. To invest in future food security while enjoying a fun party with friends and family and the Live on Love crew.  packages start at $999. Here is an example done in collaboration with Grounded Permaculture action party another great non for profit in the northern rivers NSW Area.

      Tel. +61 481480947

Permaculture grazing tours

      Tel. +61 481480947

New Grazing tours Starting from 2020 at Live on Love Foundation in Uki, Northern Rivers NSW 2484 .......

Walk through our beautiful gardens and regenerating food forests. eating medicines and super foods from the land or grazing as we like to call it. Learn about food forestry, Permaculture, Bush Medicine, Bush Tucker, Traditional plants, introduced plants, perpetuating growth systems, sin-tropics, Ruth stout method, Plant medicines, First aid plants, bush pharmacies and much More.  

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